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Our Changing Real Estate Industry: How Innovation Brings Opportunity

We live in a time period of constant innovation. Ten years ago, if you needed a ride home from the airport you would call a cab. Nowadays, you call an Uber (or a Lyft!) If you need to buy something like refills for your water filter, you order it on Amazon instead of driving across town to the store.

Technological innovations have changed the way we run our errands, order specialty services, watch television, and even sell our homes. I feel blessed to live during a time of unparalleled creativity, wonder, and advancement. The way we consume media today is radically different than how we did ten years ago. And I firmly believe that that’s a good thing.

Change is important because it brings opportunity. At the same time, I think it’s important not to lose sight of what’s really important: building meaningful relationships.

Innovation in Real Estate

Open laptop with a spreadsheet.I see two sides to real estate. Much like a coin has a front and a back, real estate has two key components I want to touch on. First, there’s technology. Listing homes online makes it easier than ever to reach the perfect person who wants to buy it.

Advertising a real estate listing means hundreds of thousands of people are able to see it.

The Role of Technology in Real Estate

This is where innovation comes in. You may have seen newer companies and services entering the industry. Websites like OfferPad, OpenDoor, and Redfin have begun disrupting the ways in which we buy and sell homes. They use complex algorithms and artificial intelligence to review complex market dynamics and estimate home values. Some of these services even offer to buy your home without even seeing it, and help with closing costs.

We at Waypoint Real Estate fully embrace the role of technology in our industry. It’s made us better at serving customers and helping them achieve their goals.

The Human Effect

Group of women laughing over coffee.However, this is where the other side of that coin comes in. When it comes to real estate, having a meaningful relationship with your Realtor cannot be beat.

Unlike ordering shoes on Amazon, buying a home is often the biggest financial transaction in a person’s life. As such, it can be troubling to trust such a big decision with a computer or an algorithm. Wouldn’t you rather meet with a human being who can provide counsel, keen insight, and sage advice to you during a busy and often stressful time?

While the advancement of technology is a good thing, I strongly believe that the algorithms and AI of companies like OpenDoor can’t replace an experienced Realtor. Technology isn’t capable of understanding the nuances of buying or selling a home.

Real Estate Service Custom-Tailored for You

You deserve a real estate plan that’s as unique as your situation. When you enlist the Waypoint Real Estate Group to help you buy or sell a home, that’s exactly what you can expect. We’ll work with you to understand your real estate needs. Furthermore, we offer a consultative approach so that you can be involved with every aspect of the transaction.

Our team is here to guide you through what may be the biggest financial decision of your life! The Orlando housing market is hot right now. It’s one of the most popular places in the country to buy a home. You deserve a Realtor who understands this market better than anyone else.

Give us a call today! Or, better yet, let’s meet for coffee to discuss your unique real estate plans. Let’s “find your way home” together.


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