A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

PictureHave you ever bought clothing online and been disappointed by the fit and color when it arrived? We’ve all heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” but in the world of online sales those words can often be, “whoa, this isn’t what I was expecting!” Real estate is really no exception to this trend. While starting your search online looking at the pictures and virtual tours is a really great idea, in the end you need to get into a house to see if it’s the right fit for you. That’s where Waypoint Real Estate Group can help.

At Waypoint Real Estate Group we use pictures to help sell our properties. We understand that in this modern day it is an absolute expectation that you be able to view pictures of a home before you make an appointment to go inside. That said, we always try to be transparent and represent our properties in the most accurate way possible, but some things simply cannot be captured on camera.

If you are checking out properties online, here are some tips to prepare you for some things that may not be picture perfect when you visit the home for a showing.

-Have you considered factors that can’t be captured in a picture such as the surrounding area, traffic noise or road maintenance? These are things you won’t know until you stand outside the door.

-Can you gauge square footage? A room that looks large on camera could have been shot with a wider lens. Familiarizing yourself with square footage makes it easier for you to have a more realistic idea of the space.  Real estate listings generally list room dimensions that are accurate or closely estimated to the room sizes.

-Is it the space you don’t like or the décor? Bad décor can really turn you off in a house hunt because it seems to be the first thing you notice in the pictures. If you can walk through a space it’s easier to picture your own style in it.

-Wait… Why didn’t anyone photograph the master bedroom? For marketing purposes, pictures are generally displayed of the highlights of the house. That said, if a room isn’t featured in the online photo collection, it could be because it still needs some work or has an unusual shape. Be prepared to see things you didn’t see online and be opened minded about it.

-What does the weather look like in the photograph and what does the weather look like now? If the house was photographed in the spring in full bloom and now the weather has become hot and dry, you might not see those lush, flowering bushes out front. Don’t be disappointed; just remember that Mother Nature likes to see the scenery change.

-Don’t forget that the experience could be the other way around too! Sometimes a photographer might capture a home in bad lighting or from a rough angle. A half written description might have left out details about important amenities. You might miss out on a real gem if you don’t take the time to check the space out in person as well.

No matter where you start your online search, WaypointRealEstateGroup.comRealtor.com, Trulia, or Zillow, Waypoint Real Estate Group encourages you to take the next step and make an appointment to visit the homes that interest you. We would be happy to facilitate your showings and encourage you to take the time to see for yourself in person, which home is the best fit for you.  Call us today to so we can schedule your showings.

Waypoint Real Estate Group serves Central Florida, specializing in Celebration, FL.

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