Decorating a Kid’s Room

Decorating your house can be a fun adventure. There are paints to pick, patterns to sort, innovative storage solutions to test… oh, the world is truly your oyster! But where do you get to have the most fun? Decorating a kid’s room. Kid’s rooms are a blast to decorate, whether they be a playroom or a bedroom, this is the room in your house where you really get to let your imagination run wild. Waypoint Real Estate Group loves home decorating and we love creativity so we want to encourage you to really let your ideas soar. Here are some fun tips and ideas for decorating a kid’s room, from us to you.

Decorating a kids room 1Let’s start with the obvious. When decorating a kid’s room use vibrant colors. Be bold. Be creative. Kids grow, learn and thrive in a colorful environment, so make sure their room is no exception. You don’t need to use every color of the rainbow, but picking bright yellows and greens over more muted pastels will help encourage your child’s creative future. By making bold choices in their room you are giving them the cue that it’s ok to be bold and try new things in life.

While you are working on creative, try to figure out how you can also make the room interactive. Provide play opportunities wherever you can. Perhaps paint one of your walls with chalkboard paint to have an on the wall canvas. Most hardware stores sell an additive that can be put into any paint color to make it glow in the dark, which can make bedtime a whole new adventure. When decorating a kids room, you need to think like a kid.

Next, keep the room kid friendly. A kid friendly room will provide your child with a comfortable environment, which is essential for their development. Keep toy shelves and necessities at kid height. When decorating a kid’s room you have an opportunity to help them learn to stay organized and clean by setting them up for success. Also make sure that your lighting is kid friendly. Waking up to a bad dream can be scary. It can be even scarier if you can’t reach the light.

Remember that kids grow fast! Consider your child’s age range and what that means for them and their near future. Maybe your daughter is in LOVE with Minnie Mouse right now, but would be embarrassed by it in a few years. The more neutral you keep the room the less often you have to redecorate. For example, does it have to be Minnie Mouse, or could it be red and white polka dots? Also, when decorating a kid’s room try to keep it affordable. Kids outgrow everything fast, including their favorite colors and characters. If you keep costs down then a quick redecorate in the future won’t break the bank. A good idea is to use picture frames to decorate on the walls. Frames can be easily updated when interests change. Temporary wall tattoos, which stick on the wall and easily peel off, are also a great solution for developing tastes. These can be found at Target, on Amazon and in most home decorating stores.

Decorating a kids room 2Finally, when decorating a kid’s room know how to let your kids help. Talk to your kids about what choices they like in broad strokes. The more open you are about the ideas, the more open they will be to loving it. For example, asking your child, “Would you like to decorate your room like Sophia the First’s Amulet of Avalor?” might leave you a little limited. Asking instead, “Would you like to decorate with princesses?” will give you more options and then you can narrow down the choices together.

Most importantly, have fun! Decorating a kid’s room is a total blast. It’s a time when you are allowed to make bold, fun choices and really get creative. If you are going to redecorate a kid’s room soon or have just completed a project, send us your photos! Waypoint Real Estate Group would love to see your creative choices and share your brilliant ideas with our community.

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