Staging your home to sell

Staging your homeOnce you’ve decided to sell your home your life is about to get a whole lot more entertaining. You are going to have a lot of things to juggle, but before the show can start, you are going to need to set the scene. Don’t worry, Waypoint Real Estate Group is skilled when it comes to staging your home and we are here to help you through the process from initial stage design all the way to the final curtain call.

Staging your home well will sell your home faster. While you may not be convinced that furniture feng shui is the perfect solution to your inner peace, trust us, it is the solution to selling your home (which could lead to inner peace).  Depending on the state of your home, the staging of your home may require different types of staging to tackle. Today let’s talk about how you can make your house feel like your buyers home.

Make space

Remove clutter on counters, shelves and furniture. While you clean up shelves take a moment to depersonalize as well. Buyers can picture themselves in your home better when they aren’t looking at pictures of your kids.

Keep the size of each room in mind when staging. Even if you love your kitchen table, if it takes up too much space you should consider a short-term replacement. Big furniture can makes a room look smaller, and this is not the result you are looking for when staging your home.

Fix it up

You know that laundry list of repairs? Now, when staging your home,  is the time to tackle it. Fix broken cabinets, brush up rough paint spots and remedy any eyesores. If you have any boldly colored walls paint them a more neutral color that appeals to a wider taste range.

Don’t neglect your exterior. Trim the hedges, mow the grass and make sure your front walk is inviting.

Freshen it up

A little bit of elbow grease can work wonders.  Let’s face it, everyone wants to move into a clean home. Make sure your kitchen and bathrooms are spotless. Buyers immediately associate these two rooms with the cleanliness of the whole home.

Put out fresh linens and consider lighting a scented candle or air freshener to make sure your home smells as clean as it looks.

Light it up

Lighting is important when staging your home. Well-lit homes are warm and inviting. Clean your windows thoroughly and you may be surprised how much more light flows into your space. In rooms lacking light invest in a lamp or new light fixture.

Everything Tip Top?

Make sure everything visible is clean and in immaculate shape, including furniture and appliances that are not being sold with the house. Well cared for goods indicate that the homeowner also took care of their house.

Make a checklist to make sure you have addressed all of your needs. If you need a kick-start when staging your home, check out this pre-made staging checklist on

When you are done with staging your home give us a call and we’ll come take a look to let you know you are ready to list. Waypoint Real Estate Group knows exactly how much staging is appropriate for your property and we can give you sound advice on the subject. Think of the potential buyers as an audience. Will they be wowed with your home or will they leave disappointed? If your audience comes back for an encore performance chances are your staging could bring them all the way to the signing table. If you’re ready to set the stage give Waypoint Real Estate Group a call today.  We serve the greater Orlando area, specializing in Celebration, FL.

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