Clear the Clutter, Make the Sale

If you’ve ever sold a house before you know that cleaning up your home can boost its appeal quickly. Buyers like to walk into a home and be able to picture themselves in the space. When all they can see are your belongings, it can be tough to visualize where theirs might fit. Waypoint Real Estate Group strongly encourages clutter free staging to help sell your home quickly. If tackling the clutter feels daunting for you then try to take it just one step at a time.

Step 1 – Make piles- save, sell and donate. Use these piles to sort your clutter. Remember if your donate pile is large some charities are willing to pick up big orders. Check organizations like the Salvation Army to see if pickups are available near you.

Step 2 – Start from the ground up. If you have lots of big furniture it may be giving the appearance of clutter.  Move some of it out. Limit large equipment such as musical instruments, bulky speakers or exercise machines.

Clutter 1 Waypoint Real Estate Group Tip – Find a friend to help as you go through your extra belongings. An outside opinion can provide a practical point of view.

Step 3 – Organize your shelves. Potential buyers shouldn’t walk in and immediately be curious about the clutter on your overflowing shelf. The less on the shelf, the less conspicuous it is, and the more likely the buyer is to see the room, not just what’s in it.

Step 4 – Clean the counters of clutter. Put appliances you don’t use everyday into cupboards. Clear cups and keys off of kitchen counters and tissues or medicine off of the nightstand. In the bathroom keep your toothbrush and razor blades behind closed doors.

Waypoint Real Estate Group Tip – Clean from the outside in. If you are in a hurry it is possible to sneak your clutter into drawers and quickly spruce up your shelf and counter space. Remember however that built in drawers and cabinets will most likely be opened by a potential buyer. With this in mind move your clutter into your personal furniture first.

Clutter 2Step 5 – Remove personal photos. It’s human nature to be nosy and potential buyers are no exception. While they are not exactly clutter, your family photos could distract buyers from actually seeing your home. Put your photos in a well-labeled box so you know just where to find them when you get settled in your new home.

Step 6 – Take out the trash. We know you are positive you will read all those magazines some day… but recycling them could be just as fun.

Waypoint Real Estate Group Tip – Rent a storage space for any items that you can’t organize in your current space.

Clutter 3Remember, clearing the clutter now just means less to pack later. While it may seem like a big task to clear it all away at this moment, you will be very grateful for your hard work down the line. Clutter free homes sell faster and the sooner your home sells the sooner you can move into your new home and get back to your every day lifestyle. Who knows, you may find you enjoy clutter free living more than you expected!

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