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Roommate ChartIn a recent article from Forbes and Statista, Waypoint Real Estate Group read up on the roommate trend in America. The study revealed that the number of individuals living with a roommate in the US is on the rise.  In some cities, such as Los Angeles, in 2012 as much as 49.9% of the population reported cohabitation with another adult in 2012.

Maybe you’re not too keen on living with a roommate, but imagine the fun and excitement that ensues when you have a new partner in crime to spend your evenings with. While many people think at a certain age they are “past the roommate stage of their lives” on the contrary, any time is a good time to have a roommate if you enjoy the company of others and are looking to save a little on your living costs. With many young Americans turning to shared housing to beat tough rental prices your spare bedroom might have some new potential as an investment opportunity

Looking for a roommate? There are a variety of different ways to go about this process.

  • Ask friends and family. Someone who comes recommended is always less intimidating.
  • Use a roommate matching service such as or Similar to dating sites these websites use questionnaires to help you find the best match. Don’t worry, you don’t need to date your new roommate.
  • Try putting an ad out at some of your favorite coffee shops or local hangouts. This is a good way to find people with similar interests.
  • Consider a community board such as craigslist, but be careful when screening people and always meet in a public place first.

Have you found a potential roommate? Don’t be too hasty and sign a contract with just anyone. Ask the right questions before you make your final decision.

  • Who smokes and how do the others feel about it? Inside or outside the house?
  • What are your working schedules like? Do they complement each other or create conflict?
  • Who has furry friends and who likes furry friends?
  • What does “clean” mean to each of you?
  • How often do you like to party at home? Does party mean a rousing game of bridge or fifty frat boys playing flip cup?

Are you a roommate? Here are some tips on how to be a stellar roommate.

  • Know when to be friendly and when to give your roommate some space.
  • Do your fair share of the cleaning.
  • Be the roommate that thinks to buy the toilet paper BEFORE it’s empty.
  • Understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds and has different expectations for daily living. Be flexible.
  • Learn how to cook really great dessert and share it daily… ok or at least surprise your roommate by ordering pizza for them once in a while.

Roommates Three is companyGreat roommates can also develop into great friendships. After all, there is a reason that so many American sitcoms are based on roommate relationships. If you are out on the roommate hunt Waypoint Real Estate Group wishes you the best of luck. If you need to invest in a home to house all those roommates, please, “Come and knock on our door. We’ve been waiting for you”.

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