Selling in Winter

Winter sellingAs the seasons change so do the trends of real estate. While Spring and Summer tend to be the most hopping months on the housing market nationally, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some advantages to buying and selling in the winter months in certain regions. Waypoint Real Estate Group calls Central Florida home, and winter is a great time to sell in Central Florida.

Florida Winter Selling Advantages

  • Let’s just state the truth.  Winter is amazing in Florida.  The weather is perfect. It is during this time of year that people from all over the country come to visit (some for very extended periods) to enjoy the wonderful climate. During winter months, buyers from colder climates are very attracted to Florida.
  • First time homeowners typically purchase all year round.  So townhomes, condominiums and starter homes will remain fairly active 12 months a year for this demographic.
  • Many people moving in the winter are doing so due to relocation and need to close and move quickly.
  • During the Spring and Summer months inventory increases (as this is prime moving time for families with children).  If you are looking for a market with less competition, listing in the winter is your best bet as lower inventory puts your home at higher demand.
  • Scheduling time with home experts such as inspectors, loan advisors and real estate attorneys is often easier in the winter, due to decreased demand.

Winter Selling Tips

  • Stage for the season. Just because there is no snow outside doesn’t mean you need to skip the cozy season décor inside. Check out some great Winter Staging ideas on Pinterest to get your gears spinning.
  • Take advantage of the Florida climate and show of your winter garden for extra curb appeal.
  • Use the holiday season to spread cheer. Tasteful holiday décor can really make a house a home.

Waypoint Real Estate Group Tip!

If you’re selling in a different region (perhaps a chillier one) during the winter months we have some great tips for you too.

  • Stage “cozy”. If you have a fireplace make sure it’s roaring during an open house. Light scented candles and make your home warm and inviting.
  • Clean your windows. The cleaner your windows the more light comes in and the brighter your space looks. This is important during gray winter months.
  • Maintain your exterior. If it snows, shovel the walk. Salt the sidewalks and make sure that trees and patio furniture aren’t breaking under the weight of heavy snow. Let the snow compliment your home, not weigh it down.

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