Robot Invasion

Sci Fi movies have always envisioned a wild and crazy future for us. Flying cars, glittery spandex, and of course robots to do all the chores that no one likes. “Welcome to the almost future!” Waypoint Real Estate Group is happy to share with you some lovely robots that can make your holiday season easy and breezy…sorry about the lack of flying cars. I think we are all fine without the bedazzled spandex.

Robot irobotiRobot is one of the worlds leading Robot engineering companies. They are also most famous for one of their greatest inventions, the Roomba. If you’ve never tried one of these, you simply must. It sounds ridiculous and silly, but it makes life about a thousand times more awesome and once it figures out how to vacuum the stairs we will all never touch the clunky old Hoover again. While, Roomba is the original brand, Neato by Neato Robotics is also tried and true. LG and Electrolux both also carry an automated vacuum cleaner.


Robot mirraNow I know what you’re thinking, “Well whoop-dee-doo it vacuums, but I still have to mop!” Nope. iRobots Scooba can handle all your mopping needs. Worried about sensitive hardwoods? They’ve thought of that too. The Braava is designed specifically to keep your hardwoods shining.

If you’re floors are already spic and span and you’re wondering what else you could hire a robot to do, irobot has plenty of other robot ready jobs. Tired of the never-ending pool maintenance? iRobot Mirra is a pool cleaning machine ready to get the job done. Cleaning both hard surfaces and the water surfaces this little guy can handle dirt, leaves, algae and the small bacteria you can’t get to yourself along the walls and bottom of the pool. The iRobot Looj, is designed for tough gutter cleaning and takes the danger out of this mundane task. For business solutions, iRobot also designs video collaboration tools to help you interact with your team, no matter where in the world they may be.

What other robots are out there you ask? Robomow, by Friendly Robotics can cut your grass for you while you enjoy a tall glass of lemonade. Clocky, by Nanda Home will assist you with your morning wake up. This alarm clock let’s you hit snooze once and then runs away so that you simply must get out of bed to turn it off. If you are looking for the hip version this holiday season check out Nanda’s Tocky, it is the cutest alarm clock you will ever see. And if you are simply looking for the coolest new robotic toy you can find, check out Wowwee and meet your new robot friend. From pets, to bugs, to “I’m not sure what that is but it sure looks cool” they have it all for the robot guru.

Happy holidays from Waypoint Real Estate Group. May your holiday be filled with happiness, health and a little robot invasion of your own.

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