Winter Gardening in Florida

Winter GardeningWhile Waypoint Real Estate Group’s hometown of Celebration, FL doesn’t exactly experience a winter as intense as our Midwest friends, we do still indeed have an ever so slight change of seasons. The best part of our mild climate is that we can continue our gardens in the winter with just a subtle change of pallet. Let’s talk about how to re-sow your garden for a great Florida winter harvest.

Florida winter is much like the rest of the countries fall in terms of average temperatures and fall is a great season for gardening, especially edible gardens. Have you ever grown your own food? If you haven’t here is your chance. Caution, this habit can be addictive and in Florida it’s an addiction that can be fed all year round.

Prepare your plot. This is a new gardening season. Take out any old plants and compost or harvest them as appropriate. Weed your garden space completely. Add fresh soil or compost and mix your soil to aerate your garden. If you are into it, drop some earthworms into your garden to keep it fresh. In Florida earthworms can survive all year round with the warmer temperatures and moist weather.

Plan your garden. Fall veggies in most US climates qualify as winter veggies in Central Florida. How would you like to walk out your back door and pick some fresh broccoli, carrots, kale, peas, spinach or strawberries?  Check out for a full list of recommended fruits and veggies for this “winter” growing season.

Maintain your garden. Each plant will need different care. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the specific needs of each plant and ask your local gardening expert if you have any questions. Ensure each plant has the right amount of room, sun, water (and love is exceptionally important) if you want to see your garden succeed.

Harvest and enjoy. When your garden succeeds (which it will) you get to enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of your labor. As your seeds are growing start looking into recipes you can use with what you’ve grown. You will be amazed that there is actually a huge taste difference in what you grow yourself compared to what you buy at the store. Grow your family’s favorites to guarantee your garden is a hit!

Waypoint Real Estate Group gets that we don’t all have green thumbs, but we challenge to give home gardening a try. The results may surprise you and the joy you can bring to the family table when you eat homegrown meals will hook you for life.

Home gardens can serve an even bigger purpose than your own family table.  Take a minute to read how 11-year-old Katie Stagliano opened her little heart to make a big difference with the produce from her home garden.

Mary Mary, quite contrary how does your garden grow, with brussel sprouts and radish spouts and mustard seeds all in a row. Yes we are aware that radish “spouts” might not be a real thing, but you can’t really grow a cockle shell either so cut us some slack.

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