Unusual Living Spaces

Waypoint Real Estate Group knows that purchasing a home is a personal decision and some people have very unique taste.  The world is full of an assortment of unusual living spaces. From mansions, to tents, to temples, to monasteries, people all over the globe have different ideas of the place they call home. A few particularly unusual dwellings stand out from the rest though. Check out these unusual living spaces and consider how different your life would be if one of these dwellings was your home base.

The Tiny House Trend

Tiny Houses are selling like hotcakes (the silver dollar kind) these days as people are deciding to quit their suburban lifestyles to go live a simpler lifestyle in a custom built, “Tiny House”. What is a Tiny House you ask? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like. You’ve seen those rooms at Ikea demonstrating how to fit everything you need into a very small apartment. Make that apartment fashionable, eco friendly, and put it on wheels and you have a Tiny House. Tiny Houses are custom built to suit the inhabitant’s needs. Picture yourself in your dream home, of less than 200 square feet. Check out www.tinyhousedesign.com for more information.

Unusual living spacesUnusual Living Spaces






One Million Dollar Foldable Studio

Into small spaces but looking for something high end? Don’t worry, someone has thought of that too. Graham Hill, founder of Tree Hugger and Life Edited, has built a highly unusual living space: an origami studio in Brooklyn. This 420 square foot space can be flipped, folded, pushed and rearranged to accommodate a 12-person dinner party, two overnight guests, a home theater and more. If you’re looking for a little engineering magic in your future dwelling than this is the place for you. Check out the options and floor plans at NYCurbed.com.

unusual living spaces unusual living spaces






It’s a Plane, It’s a Train, It’s a House?!

For many people planes are cramped and uncomfortable. Not for Bruce Campbell of Oregon. For Bruce, a 727 is just what he’d like to call home. Bruce has been slowly but steadily working on a refurbishment of this 727 for the last several years. His primary goal is to repurpose the planes materials by using the features of the abandoned aircraft to his benefit. For example, he uses the original plumbing and water tank to run his clothes washer.  The crazier part is, he’s not the first one to do it! A few years back Joanne Ussary renovated the vintage 727 featured below on the left and turned it into a luxury hotel in Costa Rica.

unusual living spacesunusual living spaces






Snoozing in high places

Everyone was jealous of the yard on the block with the tree house when they were kids. Well if that house wasn’t your house, then redemption time has finally arrived. Tree houses are becoming a big trend, especially for luxury vacationing. Airbnb.com  lists 18 different tree house hotels around the world, and they are just one vendor. If you need to kick your feet up and relax a bit, why not take a trip to the clouds for the weekend?  How’s that for unusual living spaces?

unusual living spaces






Have you come across unique or unusual living spaces?  If so, give Waypoint Real Estate a call and let us know what you’ve found!


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