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The Waypoint Real Estate Group cares about our planet.

We are in the middle of what future generations may very well refer to as the “ecological revolution”. The effects of our lifestyles on our planet are obvious and it is now time for us to take a conscious step in the right direction for the future of our children and their children to come. Cutting back on your energy usage is a great way to start saving the planet in your every day life. Energy efficient choices will not only help the future of the global community, but will also put a grin on your face come the end of the month.

First let’s consider big energy investments. These choices have expensive upfront costs, but will save green (in both meanings of the word) down the line.

-Replace an older furnace

-Swap out single-pane windows for double or triple pane models

-Consider use of Solar Energy

-Replace large appliances such as dishwashers, laundry machines and water heaters.

If high cost renovations aren’t in your current budget, don’t worry. While you are saving for larger investments you can take small steps to be more energy efficient every day.

-Eliminate drafts by carefully evaluating doors, windows, electrical outlets and air conditioning units for cracks and holes. Fill in these problem spots to make sure you aren’t heating or cooling air that is going right back out the window. Use weather stripping if you need to.

-Close vents in unused rooms. If no one is using the room there is no need to maintain the temperature.

-Inspect, service and clean heating and cooling equipment. Many people forget about the importance of maintaining their air conditioning and heating units. If these units aren’t performing properly they could be costing you money and the environment could be suffering the effects.

-Evaluate your light bulbs. We have a tendency to buy a pack of light bulbs and just throw in whatever we have. Check your lamps and see if your wattage is appropriate for the device. You might be using 100-watt bulbs when you only need to be using 60-watt bulbs. Also consider using CFL bulbs. These bulbs last longer, save energy, and do not put out as much heat as normal bulbs which can help lower your air conditioning costs in the summer.

Whether you are motivated by the future of the planet or the money you will save next week, today is a great day to get started making your home more energy efficient.

Builders of new homes are very focused on energy efficiency.  If you would like to discuss the benefits of purchasing a new energy efficient home, give us a call.  At Waypoint Real Estate Group, we are always here to serve and look forward to hearing from you.

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