Archives: December 2014

Roommate Living

In a recent article from Forbes and Statista, Waypoint Real Estate Group read up on the roommate trend in America. The study revealed that the number of individuals living with a roommate in the US is on the rise.  In some cities, such as Los Angeles, in 2012 as much as 49.9% of the population […]

Self-Sustainable Living

At Waypoint Real Estate Group we are all trying to be more eco-friendly in our every day lives. We are recycling, reusing, and doing our best to make sure our homes are as energy efficient as possible. While many people associate self-sustainable homes with a primitive “hippie” living, quite the contrary, there are some unbelievable […]

A Boost of Confidence

Confidence is essential to success. Where would Walt Disney have gone if he didn’t have confidence? Well, we can guess that if it weren’t for Walt’s confidence, despite the odds, that Waypoint Real Estate Group might not be located in the backyard of the world’s most desired vacation destinations. We also probably wouldn’t be able […]

Selling in Winter

As the seasons change so do the trends of real estate. While Spring and Summer tend to be the most hopping months on the housing market nationally, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some advantages to buying and selling in the winter months in certain regions. Waypoint Real Estate Group calls Central Florida home, and […]

Robot Invasion

Sci Fi movies have always envisioned a wild and crazy future for us. Flying cars, glittery spandex, and of course robots to do all the chores that no one likes. “Welcome to the almost future!” Waypoint Real Estate Group is happy to share with you some lovely robots that can make your holiday season easy […]

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