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Green LivingI see a red door and I want it painted green. No pollution anymore I want earth to be clean.

Green is the new black and if you haven’t yet updated your home, today is the day to start making a plan. Eco-friendly renovations are good for the planet and your children’s future, and can also provide you with significant savings. If you aren’t sure where to begin, Waypoint Real Estate Group has a list of eco-friendly home projects to set you on the right path.


Take all your old light bulbs out and switch them with CFL bulbs. CFL bulbs last longer and are more energy efficient. CFL bulbs come in a variety of color temperatures so there are no more excuses. Some cities and electric companies offer discounts for green customers purchasing CFL bulbs. Check to see if your local municipalities offer discounts or tax breaks for new CFLs.


You probably use a lot more water than you think. Try these easy ways to go green on on your water usage:

  • Purchase an eco-friendly shower head
  • Don’t run the water while you brush your teeth or wash the dishes
  • Cut shower times back by a few minutes


As you replace things around the home make eco-friendly, green choices for your new purchases. Good choices include recycled toilet paper, organic cotton bath towels, PVC-free shower curtains, area rugs made from natural fibers, and reusable snack bags.


Consider turning your garden into something edible. Edible gardens reduce the need for mass food production and eating your own food is both fun and rewarding.   When considering fertilization and weed control, choose organic materials. There are many natural products available to help your garden grow.


Single catchall trashcans are old news. Look up your recycling laws and get a sort-able trashcan so that you can be a recycling superstar.

Being green is important to Waypoint Real Estate Group!   Contact us to today to share your green ideas and experiences.

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