Modern Day House Hunt

House hunting imageAt Waypoint Real Estate, we are here to help with your house hunt every step of the way.  If you are in the early stages and want to do some online research before giving us a call you may find some useful information here.

Technological innovations rule our day-to-day living, and in the world of real estate this is no exception. With a global housing market, naturally inventions to simplify the house hunt process will come along as well. Check out these apps today and enjoy the simplicity of a modern day house hunt.

Finding Your Neighborhood

Wikihood– Take a mini tour of potential new neighborhoods on wikihood. Here you can find history, culture, events and company information about your new community.

Suburb Scout – Are you worried about small annoyances you might not be able to see when you walk through a home? Low flying planes? Stinking sewage treatment nearby? Use Suburb Scout to check out any reported problems in the area before you purchase.

Looking at Homes

During your house hunt, are you interested in learning more about the price of real estate in a specific area?  Using one of these tools can help with your preliminary research to zone in on areas that match your criteria. – The app claims to have the most listings of any other app out there. Use this great tool to search by neighborhood or proximity to your current location with the gps feature. Listings show prices and photos of home interiors.

Zillow – Zillow features houses for sale as well as rentals.

Understanding Real Estate

Dictionary of Real Estate Terms – As if a house hunt isn’t confusing enough, just take a look at the contracts! Use this handy pocket tool to understand the complex business side of your home dealings.

Mortgage Calculator – Calculating your mortgage isn’t exactly simple “in your head” math. Add your details into this app as well as the prices for the opportunities you are most interested in and get a quick idea of what each location means for your financial future.

Planning for the Future

Photo Measures – Ah…house hunt made easy. This great app allows you to take pictures and note measurement while doing home walk-throughs. Snap a photo, write down the room dimensions and take it home to compare to your furniture and consider later.

ColorSmart – Unsure how you feel about a completely blank canvas? Use ColorSmart to envision your favorite colors in a prospective home. Take a picture, fill the walls with a Behr paint color and check out the new look.

Questions about your house hunt, or ready to take the next step?  Call Waypoint Real Estate Group and let’s get your house hunt started!!

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