Step Back In Time

Deciding how to decorate a room can be a challenge. Perhaps not everyone agrees on the color scheme, the furniture seems mixed, what type of paint should you use? The number of road blocks you can hit while trying to redecorate a room can be endless if you don’t have a clearly defined theme and game plan for the room. There are lots of different ways to theme a room. One of those is to turn a room into a time capsule. Let’s talk about taking a step back in time with vintage decorating.

step back in time First thing first, decide what decade calls to you. Is your step back in time going to land you in sweet memories of the 70s? Then bring a little bit of that into your every day. If the big bands of the 20s get your toes tapping, then take a trip back to the age of jazz. Pick an era that speaks to you and do some research about what everyday life was like in that era.

Next, plan out your space. Be realistic about how big or small your room is and what that means for your budget and the amount of vintage furniture you may need to acquire. Draw out your dream room and start a small folder of photo samples to bring when you start looking for pieces. Keep in mind that when you are searching for antiques you won’t always find exactly what you imagined. You’ll need to be creative and open-minded to be satisfied with your room and make your step back in time feel authentic.

step back in time

Now it’s time to hunt. Hunting for antiques can be both fun and exhausting, so prepare for a long journey. If you know any friends, parents or grandparents that might have some collectibles from your time era pay them a visit and see if they are potentially interested in selling. Check antiques stores. Check garage sales. Check ebay. Check under every rock and tree until you find something that really speaks to you and fits with your plan to step back in time. Remember, you won’t find exactly what you have in your pictures, but if you are lucky you will find something close, or better yet something that you love even more.

Finally, make your old room look new. Just because you are using older furniture and antiques doesn’t mean things shouldn’t be clean, polished and like new. If you really want your room to have a vintage feel then make sure stepping into that room feels like a real step back in time, where everything would be functional and in good condition for everyday use.

Let the awesome themed parties begin; you have the perfect room to host them.

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