Florida Staycation – Get Outta Here !!

Florida Staycation

You are working hard and a vacation would do you good. If you are having trouble figuring out how your vacation is going to fit into your schedule and budget, consider a “Staycation”.    Chances are there are plenty of ways for you to relax and unwind without traveling the globe and draining your savings.

As the Orlando Florida airport announcement boasts, central Florida is home to many world-class attractions. If you’re a local, lucky you; you get to enjoy your “Staycation” in one of the top vacation destinations in the world. There are countless options for Floridians to consider, suitable to all ages and preferences.

What are my options?

  • Theme Parks – They come in all shapes and sizes in Florida. Whether you have your heart set on a Disney dream day, you’re looking for roller coaster thrills at Universal, or you prefer a smaller theme part setting, theme park enthusiasts need look no further than central Florida.
  • Nature Reserves – Florida has plenty of bragging rights in the State Park department. With 29 State parks in central Florida alone hiking, biking and leisurely picnics are just a hop, skip and a jump away from your front door. A particular shout out to Blue Spring National Park in Orange City where you can swim in crystal clear spring water during the warmer months and experience absolutely unbelievable manatee viewing in the winter, all at only $6 a car.
  • Wildlife Experiences – Whether you seek adventure or tranquility, Florida has plenty of wildlife tours to suit your interests. Looking for a peaceful day at sea? Check out a dolphin or whale watching tour. If the season is right, most state beaches also offer guided sea turtle walks during laying/hatching season. Sea Turtle walks generally happen in the late hours of the night and are paid for on a donation basis. If adventure and excitement are more your style, head over to one of Florida’s many air boat tour operations and check out twenty-foot alligators! If you are looking for a particularly magical experience you can even try an evening air boat ride to see the beautiful swamps lit up in the golden glow of the sunset.
  • Spa Days – Sometimes you need to relax and unwind to really get your head back on straight. Whether you want to go out and indulge at one of Florida’s many high end spas or treat yourself to an at home spa day, you have tons of options. You could stay at home for a partner spa day with wine and massages.  Treat your daughter to a mommy/daughter pedicure, or take the whole family out to a hot tub or warm spring for a relaxing swim. For those that don’t enjoy sitting still, many warm spring parks also offer tubing options, both lazy river and wet n’ wild style.
  • Hit the Beach – I know what you’re thinking. I live in Florida, of course I’ve thought of going to the beach, and I’m sure you have, but when was the last time you actually went? Take advantage of the fact that the ocean is so close to your front door and hit the beach for a day of barbecue, sand castles and fun in the sun. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen.

So, whether you are the type of person who always forgets to pack their toothbrush, you are looking to save a little extra time and money or you just want to be home again in time to catch the football game, a Staycation is just the getaway you need to refresh and recharge. Always remember to ask for a Florida Resident discount! Most Florida attractions reward their locals with this sweet surprise.

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